Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ok, bear with me, I am posting some old things and trying to catch up. I did a trip to the Grand Canyon back in June and it really was an amazing thing. The scenery was gorgeous and the company was perfect! We hiked the Bright Angel Trail...we meaning, me, my sister Natalie, my daughter Jessica, my sister Becky's sister-in-law Jenny, and my friend Michelle. It was an incredible "Girl's" trip!

Here's Michelle and I we finished the trail together!! Natalie, Jessica and Jenny finished a "little" ahead of us but Michelle and I stuck out the end together, Thank you Michelle! We still made fairly good time though. Altogether it was a 9 mile hike (and in no way an easy one ) It took us about 3hrs going down, we had to move aside alot for the donkey riders. Then we rested down at Indian Springs for a couple hours cause we didn't want to be hiking out in full sun. But I think we still made it back up in about 4 hours, Most important...WE DID IT!

Here is just some of the beautiful scenery. It was amazing to look across the canyon, it almost seemed unreal!!

Here's a couple pics of our group The 1st one is at the beginning(Michelle is taking the picture) then the second one is all of us at the end of the trail!

Here is one of the mad attack chipmunks there. Those things went after anything that they thought had food in it! Then we also saw deer on the way out of the canyon!

Another group picture and then one of me hiking on the way out. I believe Jessica took this picture becaue I remember her shouting at me "C'mon Mom you can do it, faster, faster, faster!!!"

One pic of me, yes I'm still smiling :) Then here are our aching feet getting a break in the water at Indian Springs.

More beautiful Scenery!

It was a lot of fun being able to do this with my daughter! I want to challenge my other kids to do this trail with me now!

Here's Natalie being a Smart Alec!! Yes the sign really said no diving and there was maybe barely a foot of water! :)

What an Awesome Experience this was!! Thanks girls!

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