Friday, May 1, 2009

Yo Yos are dangerous

Jacob learned a fun lesson a few weeks ago. I am now finally posting it, sorry. Trying to catch up! During our April break the 3rd week in April Jacob had a new yo yo he was playing with and I was trying to teach him how to work it. So I sent him outside to try it (I didn't want him hitting anybody with it! Isn't that ironic!) Well about that time a little neighbor boy came over wanting to play with Jacob and so I sent him outside too. Half an hour later I hear someone screaming their head off and I realize it's Jacob. He was holding his hand up to his face and just screaming and the little neighbor friend,Isaaac is telling me "I'm sorry, he told me to hit it with the bat and I didn't know it was going to hit him..." So I'm thinking Jacob got hit in the head or nose with a baseball bat? Then they explained to me a little better that he got hit with the yo yo!? In the meantime Jacob is still screaming and burying his head in my chest, but I finally get the story out of the both of them. Jacob was swinging the yo yo out and he told Isaac "I'm going to swing the yo yo out like this and you hit it with the bat..." And you can put the pieces together! You know the saying what goes up must come down, well we also learned that what goes out must come back (especially when it is a yo yo!!!) Well I finally am trying to assess how bad the injuries are and so I get Jacob to look up at me and I realize there is blood all over me and his face, so I use my Mom skills to keep him calm and clean him off and right away I realize that he has a nice deep gash above his eye and it's not going to be good enough to just apply pressure of use a band aid. So we made a trip to Urgent Care. They were actually very fast and efficient. They ended up using a skin glue, not stitches. But they also said we needed to treat it like a head injury and watch him, make sure he didn't throw up or get dizzy, etc. The picture above is one I took that evening before he went to bed. The next day his eye was swollen shut. I felt bad for him because he was asking me why he couldn't see out of that eye.

He was a great trooper about it. We survived and he went back to school on Monday. At school he has to do a writers workshop every day, so that day he wrote about how yo yos are dangerous, funny enough his teacher told him that when yo yos were invented they were originally invented as a weapn! Jacob can attest to that! Anyway here are also pictures of our easter festivities, mainly dieing easter eggs. Lilly's favorite color to die hers was purple!


Angela said...

I saw the left over scab at breakfast in Duncan but did not realize that is what is was. At first I thought he had just gotten a little frosting from the doughnuts on him self. What a trooper!

Matt and Brianna said...

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