Monday, October 20, 2008

I just thought I would share some of our soccer season with you so far. Rachael and Jacob are both playing this year. Rachael is on a U10 league (meaning under 10yrs. old) Her team is the "Geckos" She has definitely improved this year. She has learned to pass the ball really well to her team mates and she is learning so much more about making plays and playing different positions. I think she likes playing defender because as defender she gets a little bit of a breather waiting for the ball to come down the field her way!

Rachael really hustles after the ball in her games !!!

Here's Rachael playing goal keeper in her game 2 weeks ago!


Jacob is on a U8 league (under 8 yrs. old). His team is the "Slimers"!! Jacob has had an interesting soccer season so far. His first soccer game was exciting. This year in soccer They changed rules for U8, they no longer have a goal keeper. Wanting to encourage more kids to score goals in a game. Well, none of our kids who have played soccer so far have actually scored a goal before so Ted has been bribing the kids for years that he will pay $10 for a soccer goal. Anyway during Jacob's game they had a kick off (the referee drops the ball and one player from each team tries to kick and gain control of the ball). Jacob was the player from his team to be in the kick off. As the ball dropped and Jacob and the other boy kicked the ball Jacob got kicked by the ball right in the face. I wish I had had a video camera...there was a fire that suddenly burst in that boy!!! I could tell he was mad and at first I thought he was going after this other boy but as the game kept going Jacob was going harder and faster at the ball. He was on Fire! Finally he got himself in just the right spot and kicked that ball good and hard and made a goal! Then the next game he scored 2 goals. Ted ended up coughing up $30 to Jacob before he decided that he needed to lower the offer for making a goal! Luckily for our pockets he hasn't scored a goal for the past 2 games!?

Kick it hard Jacob!!!

Jacob racing to see if he can get to the ball first!

WE are proud of our kiddos! It's great to have the opportunities to have our children participate in these kinds of activities. They are not the most athletically talented but they try hard and have a good time doing it.

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